TAETEA International Writers Camp 2017 France


June 5-27 ( Nimes, France)
Address: 253 Rue des amandiers
30320 Poulx

Background Information
For the purpose of promoting the exchange and integration of Chinese and Western literature, flourishing literary creation, building a platform for writers, especially young writers, Taetea Literature Academy is going to set up TAETEA International Writers’ Writing Camp. The camp will open once every year. In 2017, the camp will locate in Nimes, France. 5 foreign writers and two Chinese writers will be invited. In nearly a month, 6 related activities will be held, and the writers will share their writing experience, read their works, talk and discuss. These activities will be open to the local public free. We believe that with the establishment and development, Taetea Literature Academy will find more and more excellent writers, at the same time, integrate the world’s important literary power.

Theme: Reality and Dilemma: Sheltered from the Literature Light

Organiser: Taetea Literature Academy(China)

Participants: 5 foreign writers and 2 Chinese writers

Cost: 7 Writers need to bear the costs of their own transport. Room and board will be borne by Taetea Literature Academy.

5th June Registration (getting to the camp)
6th June
10: 00-11: 00 Opening and Welcome
11: 00-11: 30 Readings
3: 00-4: 00PM Workshop My Writing and I
7th June-11th June
Writing and Communication
12th June
3: 00-5: 00PM One Week Sharing Secrecy and Openness: the Space and the Dimension of novel writing
13th June-18th June
Writing and Communication
19th June
3: 00-5: 00PM One Week Sharing Recent Work
20th June
6: 00-7: 00PM Closing
21th June-27th June :
Visit to surrounding Areas (This event are additional to the conference, at participants’ own expense)

About Taetea Literature Academy
Taetea Literature Academy was founded in May 2016. It is the China’s large-scale tea industry group – Yunnan TAETEA Group’s cultural company . It is also the China’s first literary institutions founded by the private enterprise. Taetea Literature Academy is taking “efforts to build a world class brand” as a vision, has been holding a series of literary activities, published MAN and CITY. These two books brought together the works of the most outstanding poets, writers and critics in China. In the future, Taetea Literature Academy will also create the international literature award, and work with publishers publishing writers’ pamphlets.

Contact for application (Bibliographie et CV) : taetea@aresto.fr

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