A translation exercise of Lin Yutang’s words on patriotism

The original texte :

原文:“It is also inevitable that I should offend many writers about China, especially my own countrymen and great patriots. These great patriots—I have nothing to do with them, for their god is not my god, and their patriotism is not my patriotism. Perhaps I too love my own country, but I take care to conceal it before them, for one may wear the cloak of patriotism to tatters, and in these tatters be paraded through the city streets to death, in China or the rest of the world. I am able to confess because, unlike these patriots, I am not ashamed of my country. And I can lay bare her troubles because I have not lost hope. China is bigger than her little patriots, and does not require their whitewashing. She will, as she always did, right herself again.”

Yutang, Lin. My Country And My People. Hesperides Press, 2013. Preface by the Author.

  • Translation into Chinese, 林语堂。《吾国吾民》,作者前言。
  • French translation : Yutang, Lin. Mon pays et mon peuple. Hesperides Press, 2013. Introduction. Traduction par Huang Yingxue et Liu Zhongjun à partir de sa traduction chinoise et son texte original en anglais, avec la relecture de quelques amis français.

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